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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Downloads, and more downloads...

My friend thisbeciel has been kind enough to upload the files from our favourite audio version of Jane Eyre- with Megwynn Owen and Patrick Allen.


This is quite a time for downloads! She also bought recordings from the very early days of Jane Eyre the Musical! Links for those will be up shortly as well- but one thing at a time. At the moment, I am listening to clips from a preview in Wichita, Kansas and transcribing as I go. When I finish the transcription I will probably set up a website for it, and others- since there's a lot of matierial that hasn't been transcribed before! Most of it never made it beyond this stage of rough draft, I think. But some of it was surprising. For example:

Female chorus 1: My mother took the same infection from my father and died within a month of him.

Female chorus 4: Thus was I brought as a tiny infant to the house of my uncle-

Male chorus 4: John Reed.

Female chorus 4: At Gateshead Hall.

Female servant: Excuse me sir, but there's a letter for you. And something else that you should know about too.

John Reed Senior: I'm trying to read, could you please be more discreet?

Female Servant: Excuse me, sir but there is someone you should meet...

Chorus: What do we do with her? Never even knew of her! God has forsaken this child! We give to charity with great regularity but why should we take in this child?

Mrs. Reed: How can I cope with this new hungry creature? [With eyes that look] weary and worn?

John Reed Senior: [I hear] she's the poor orphan girl of my sister. My love and protection are sworn.

I haven't yet marked which lines are sung and which are spoken, and at a few points the performers are singing or speaking so quickly that the words are mumbled and hard to make out. I've put my best guesses in square brackets.


mysticgypsy said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!
I think I am almost delirious with joy!!!!
Please do thank your friend for me!!! This is so AWESOME!!!!

Brontëana said...

I think I know the feeling. ;) I've been searching for about a year, trying to find material on the musical. I know now why it is uncommon to find articles about musicals in scholarly journals- it is very difficult to research them, even after only a few years. Thankfully there are a few people out there who have passions for theatre and have hoarded whatever they could get their hands on. :)

I will indeed thank her. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not sure if you noticed, but it cuts out Helen Burns! Strange... It keeps nearly everything else!

mysticgypsy said...

Yes!!!!! I did notice that and I was really puzzled by it....
I was thinking about why Helen is important to the story , or if she is at all.
My own view is that she is important in not only Jane's character development, but also a friend she can depend on and love. Somehow leaving her out made me feel like Jane was deprived of something important to her in Lowood-a friendship.
That was a strange adaptation for doing so...however, I haven't heard/read of any other that has omitted Helen...