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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Villette Audio Adaptation

Right here: starring Catherine McCormack as Lucy Snowe, James Laurenson as Monsieur Paul Emanuel and Joseph Fiennes as Graham Bretton! Thanks to Biedroneczka! However am I going to study for the Classics midterm now?Life is good, notwithstanding that distressing review of Polly Teale's Bronte. ;)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


mysticgypsy said...

OMG Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
This is FABULOUS!!!!

I really can't thank you enough!!! And Villette rocks my socks!!!!
Its totally made my night!!!
(and I have a Bronte paper due tomorrow as well :P)

mysticgypsy said...

I loved the Villette audio!!!
Would you happen to have any on Jane Eyre?
If you could let me know how to download/purchase it, that would be lovely!!!

Thanks sooo much!!!

Brontëana said...

I still haven't been able to download them myself! :( My computer is so archaic. And my internet connection is even worse! I'm holding out hope of getting a nice laptop when I go to gradschool. What's an extra thousand dollars on top of all of the other fees? ;)

I think this is the version I've heard so much about. I though Mr.Fiennes played M.Paul in that one, though. So maybe this is a different one? The other one is out of print. So confusing...

I do indeed have some audio versions of Jane Eyre. I couldn't say how many. o_O Let's see... There's one that is the best by far- 5 parts, with Megwynn Owen and Patrick Allen. I talked about it in several early posts. That's really the only legitimate one I have that is dramatised by a cast. The other ones aren't as good, and a few are hilariously bad... My favourite there is the one where the sound effect for Bertha sounds like a t-rex, and Mr Rochester is afraid of the dark and whenever Jane questions his explainations for why there's a t-rex in his attic he says things like "let's say it's the wind and leave it at that..." :D

Like I said, my computer is slow but when I get a chance to, I will upload whichever one you'd like. Look over the old posts; I talk about each of them. Some of my friends might even help out here, since they have them as well- only their computers are infinately more co-operative. :)

I think I may have two of WH. I know I have one for sure- its not very good. Kind of 'inspired by' WH, if you ask me. But I thought there was a longer one. Hm.