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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jane Eyre 1973 on the Catalogues

As the time draws nearer for the release of the BBC's 1973 mini-series of Jane Eyre with Sorcha Cusack and Michael Jayston, we're glad to report that the DVD is already appearing on internet catalogues. The UK edition will be available for ordering from this website as of May 8th 2006. Also from the website:

It is listed for £14.99.

Their synopsis: Starring Sorcha Cusack (Tame) and Michael Jayston (Flesh And Blood), this 1973 BBC television adaption of the classics novel follows the fortunes of heroine Jane Eyre who begins her life as an orphan without a penny to her name.

Jane Eyre is a poor orphan, brought up by a wealthy Aunt who is determined she should never forget her impoverished background. Surviving the cruelty of an oppressive boarding school, she becomes the governess of Thornfield Hall, owned by the enigmatic and rarely seen Mr Rochester. When Jane finally meets Mr Rochester in the flesh, she is consumed by an overwhelming attraction towards him that soon becomes mutual, however, their hopes for happiness will soon be jeopardized by a terrible secret.

Technical specifications: Region 2.

Thanks to Aidan for the news!

ETA: The date for release is MAY not April 2006.


Anonymous said...

Surely this will be released in Region 1 (North America) as well!

Please, please, don't tell me that we can't view it on our U.S. DVD players.

Brontëana said...

It is my understanding that Acorn media intends to release the series for regions 1 and 2. I'll keep and eye out for region 1 listings.

ThisbeCiel said...

It's going to be released in May not April- would that it was April. ;)

Brontëana said...

to thisbeciel:

The website catalogue says: '08/05/2006'. Probably the May date is for region 1! I hope so. It would certainly make it easier to wait.

ThisbeCiel said...

Bronteana, May is the 5th month right?! I've been counting it down in my head for awhile now...

Brontëana said...


Can I blame the food poisoning?

ThisbeCiel said...

You may. Evil things those bacteria! :)

mysticgypsy said...

Hi Bronteana and Thisbeciel
I was wondering if any of you would happen to have more audio versions of anything Bronte (except Jane Eyre and Villete for I am grateful to have been able to obtain audio versions of them both from this blog :D). I'd expecially love to know where I could find good audio versions of Shirley or Tenant of Wildfell Hall. But anything will do for now really
;-), even their poetry.
Thank you.

Brontëana said...

I know there have been composers who have set the poems to music...

And I listened to but did not record the recent internet broadcast of the BBC's Shirley. It was funny, especially the accents. I also have almost all of their production of The Professor, which Thisbeciel sent to me. It might be possible to find someone through my sources who took the time to record it.

ThisbeCiel said...

to mysticgypsy:

I do still have the incomplete recording of The Professor if you want to hear it. That's all I have I'm afraid.

to Bronteana:

I so want to hear Rochester's Song put to music!!

mysticgypsy said...

Thanks for the info Bronteana and Thisbeciel.
Thisbeceil, I'd looooove to get a hold of The Professor, however incomplete. :D Please let me know how I can get it..if you have it online or the like..

Thanks sooo much!!!

ThisbeCiel said...

To mysticgypsy:

Here are the first two eps I've uploaded so far:

Episode 1
Episode 2

I guess I'll just post them here... Oh and a warning about the sound- I recorded it kinda loud.

mysticgypsy said...

OMG Thank you so much Thisbeciel!!!!!! :D :D I am downloading it now hehe

ThisbeCiel said...

No problem mysticgypsy! Glad to share!

Here are the remaining episodes:
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episdoe 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

I think it was a 5 hr production- darn! I only had 2 more episodes to go. Silly me. I hope you enjoy it!

Brontëana said...

To thisbeciel:

Well, I did have plans on recording a cut...

ThisbeCiel said...

to Broneana:

*gasp* Well what are you waiting for?? :D

mysticgypsy said...

Thisbeciel! Thank you so much!! I did like it! I was really excited because I had just finished reading "The Prfessor" only yesterday too!

aww its really sad you couldn't get the last two episodes *cries*

but all the same..I am glad I got to listen to most of it!! :)
btw, what was the date of this production? was it quite recent?

ThisbeCiel said...

To mysticgypsy:

Yes, it is terrible that this is incomplete. Blah. Maybe one day they will rerun it...

And it was a fairly recent production- last year sometime. I know very specific. ;) It was on "Woman's Hour" on BBC radio.