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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The content of this post may be distressing to some readers

The first item I have to share is not at all distressing. Lillie, (provider of many obscure musicals and Janian ones in particular), send me this link where you may view and download a Canadian student production of Jane Eyre: The Musical. The performance dates from May 23rd or 24th 2005, and was produced by the Burlington Student Theatre Company.
The next item probably beats everything wierd, bizarre, or otherwise odd that has come across the Bronteverse in the year I've been blogging.

Man eats a copy of Jane Eyre. You can view the graphic footage here.


Cindy in Annapolis said...

Any idea how to copy this video? I see how to play it...but no option how to save it. Any tips?
Cindy in Annapolis

Brontëana said...

I am hoping that in a few days it might be available for download. If not, I intend to try contacting the person who uploaded it and see if I can persuade him to be kind enough to allow that.

Anonymous said...

One way to download google movies is to go to keepvid.com. You have to save it as an flv file and it's kinda small... It would probably be better to see if the person who uploaded it would let it be downloaded. You could see it better that way.

~Alayna :o)

Cindy in Annapolis said...

Thanks for the help :-)