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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June: Wuthering Heights Project Begins at Knit the Classics

We don't need an excuse to read Wuthering Heights, but how many of us have tried to make something inspired by our reading? I know there are a substantial number of my readers who have, but for the rest of us there's Knit the Classics' Wuthering Heights Project. The guidelines are simple: read Wuthering Heights, make something using a needle- knitting, emboidery, crochet- anything you like. On their website, which has just been updated to replace the Pride and Prejudice resources, you can find some designs for Victorian crafts which might get you started.

I confess that I started the Pride and Prejudice project last month but got a little distracted... I took a Victorian scarf design and, well, my Wuthering Heights project was finished a few weeks ago, while Darcy's head still needs embroidering. Oh well, so, as they say, here is one that I prepared earlier (this is also my first knitting project):

An anecdote to conclude. My mother still refuses to read Jane Eyre. Her tendency to confuse it with Emma was maddening enough, but while I worked on the Pride and Prejudice Project she kept telling me to embroider scenes of Elizabeth and Mr Rochester at Thornfield. 'Darcy! Mr Darcy, mom!' I kept crying, in vain.


mysticgypsy said...

I wonder which is worse--Elizabeth and Rochester or Jane and Heathcliff?

hehe! ahem..Darcy's head needs embroidering indeed! :P

Brontëana said...

I would say Jane and Heathcliff! Actually, mistaking anyone for Heathcliff would be very wrong... Although, really, I have seen a lot of Heathcliff-y Rochesters in my day. *sigh*

At least Darcy no longer reminds her of a light bulb! :)