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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bronte News

Jane Eyre: The Musical will be playing at the Edmonton Fringe Festival:

The festival contains a few small changes. The Fringe Website (www.fringetheatreadventures.ca) will have a page where patrons can review the shows they've seen - complete with a five-star rating system. Pre-seating is also being offered to patrons with reduced mobility.
Hi Yo Fringe - Away! runs Aug. 17-27 in and around Old Strathcona. The Performers' Parade is at 7 p.m. Aug. 18; opening ceremonies are at 7:30 that same night in McIntyre Park.
Advance tickets go on sale Aug. 10.
For more information, check www.fringetheatreadventures.ca or call the festival information hotline at 448-9000.

Our list of other upcoming productions of Jane Eyre: The Musical can be read here.

And we have a compendium of views on the gendered education issue which seems to have taken Jane Eyre in its teeth once again:

“Why would any self-respecting boy want to attend one of America’s increasingly feminized universities?” asks George Gilder in National Review. “Most of these institutions have flounced through the last forty years fashioning a fluffy pink playpen of feminist studies and agitprop ‘herstory,’ taught amid a green goo of eco-motherism and anti-industrial phobia.” Christina Hoff Sommers, another conservative scholar who has hyped the “boy crisis” for half a decade now, chimes in as well and blames anti-boy feminists, who believe that “so-called male behaviors – roughhousing and aggressive competition – are not natural but artifacts of culture.” Her solution? Enforce discipline; stop making boys read Jane Eyre; and if they “don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about their feelings,” let them be!

While I fail to see the connection between Jane Eyre and a decrease in aggression, I do feel a little less placid after reading this paragraph.

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