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Friday, July 28, 2006

Quint and Nola in Wuthering Heights

Biedroneczka has found a site where you can view the Wuthering Heights fantasy of Nola. We saw Nola's Jane Eyre fantasy earlier this week. Here's the synopsis for both:

Nola was well known for her movie fantasies. In one of them, she dreamt she was Cathy to Quint's Heathcliffe from the movie "Wuthering Heights" based on the novel by Emily Bronte. While Nola was in the hospital after giving birth prematurely to her daughter Kelly Louise (name later changed to Anastasia Louise), Quint brought Nola a bouquet of heather. Nola found this gesture to be very romantic, thus triggering her fantasy, as heather was significant in the movie. All the movie fantasies were beautifully performed by the actors. This particular video is included because it is exceptionally romantic and the actors look especially beautiful and the angles are flattering. Also heather was a significant symbol for Quint and Nola's romance that was used repeatedly up through their honeymoon. Sadly after that, the powers-that-be seemed to forget about the significance and Quint never presented Nola with heather again.

Jane Eyre (Dec, 1981):
Nola's first romantic fantasy about her future husband, she dreams that Quinton wants to make her mistress of the manor.

You can watch the Jane Eyre fantasy here.

All pictures are courtesy of www.quintnola.com

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found these videos on my site. Both the youtube.com Jane Eyre video and the Wuthering Heights video on quintnola.com are from same original source. And we love to share these beloved memories.

Lots of young girls in the early 80s got into the Bronte sisters through Nola's fantasies.