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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Confirmation on Preview of Jane Eyre

Richard Wilcocks, recently elected chairman in council of the Bronte Society and editor of the Bronte Parsonage Blog has confirmation of our news from earlier this week that there will be a special preview of the first two episodes of the BBC's new production of Jane Eyre at the National Film Theatre in London:

Thanks to the British Film Institute for providing the information that there will be a special preview of the first two parts of the new BBC Jane Eyre on Saturday 16 September, beginning at 5.50pm.

This does not yet appear in their publicity (www.bfi.org.uk) so it might be wise to check the time nearer the date.

Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens and other cast members are booked to be on stage after the showing. Try getting hold of your tickets early. The BFI box office number is 020 7928 3232

So, does any kind soul out there in the UK want to do some reporting for a poor Canadian blogger?

ETA: CORRECTION: At this point there has been no confirmation on which cast members are booked for the screening at the British Film Institute.


Anonymous said...

I would love to!

I live near London and will try and get hold of the tickets soon.


Brontëana said...

Thank you, Laura! I would be happy to post your review as well, if you get to see the preview.