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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Correction on Preview of Jane Eyre

In this previous Bronteana post, I reported that the leads from the BBC's new production of Jane Eyre would be present at the British Film Institute screening. Diederick Santer, producer of Jane Eyre, has written to inform me that they cannot be precise about which actors or members of the production team will in fact be present. At this point, the most definite statement that can be made is that: 'the screening will be followed by an onstage Q&A with key members of the cast and production team.' I apologise for any confusion I might have caused.

He also writes that post-production is going very well:

You'll be pleased to hear the post-production is going very well, and I hope there will be plenty to delight, surprise and stimulate Bronte fans and those who are new to the book when the show is transmitted on BBC 1 in the autumn.

And I am very sure that there will be- especially given what we have already seen!

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