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Thursday, September 21, 2006

More on the Radical Brontes Festival

This article introduces us to a new play: 'Charlotte Bronte enters the Big Brother House!'

The production, called Charlotte Bronte Enters The Big Brother House, merges Charlotte with Jane Eyre.

Mr Russell said: "Charlotte first presented Jane Eyre as an autobiography, they were both governesses and had strong personalities. Because of her personality, there's a sense of Charlotte still being among us so I decided to put her in the Big Brother house.

"When she's called to the dreaded diary room she's in limbo and there's a dream-like evocation of her as half Charlotte and half Jane. She imagines her dead sisters are with her and she falls for Rochester - but their wedding is interrupted by his mad wife."


"Big Brother is contemporary and that's what the Radical Brontes is about. Anything that keeps the Bronte flame going has to be welcomed.

"I suppose the reason we're still fascinated by the Brontes is that they were a curious bunch and remain an enigma. Nobody knows what they were really like.

"And of course Jane Eyre is such a good story, much better than Wuthering Heights. I never saw the appeal of Heathcliff, he has no redeeming features, but you can see why Jane falls for Rochester."

The Radical Brontes runs from September 16 to 24. For tickets ring (01535) 642323 or visit www.bronte.info.

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