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Thursday, September 21, 2006

'Visit Jane Eyre Country' in Derbyshire

Thanks to Gazelle for the tip. A website for the Derbyshire Peak district has a page devoted to Jane Eyre Country, featuring some pictures and a PDF brochure for download. If anything, this should finally dispell those who refuse to believe my reports that they did not use cgi for the fire at Thornfield:

The map is also useful if you intend to take a peek at one of the halls (along with Norton Conyers) credited for being the inspiration for Thornfield- North Lees Hall.

One more note. After the media bliz a lot of people are just starting to discover the show, and have a lot of questions about when it will be shown were they live. I do not have any information concerning when it will be released in Australia, Canada, or the rest of Europe but I know that it will be airing in the US this January on PBS Masterpiece Theatre.

For the newbies, you might also want to read my interview with producer Diederick Santer which provided much food for thought, including what we hope the DVD to be like.

And in case you missed it, or were unable to download it in time, here's a reminder that I have uploaded the BBC Breakfast interview with Toby Stephens at Youtube, here. It includes a clip from the Hay Lane scene.

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