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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pre-order the DVD of Jane Eyre 2006

The DVD is apparently set for a February 5th 2007 release in the UK. It can be pre-ordered from this website. Thank you Bernard Sylvie for the tip!

Ruth Wilson, as Jane Eyre, and Toby Stephens, as Edward Rochester, lead a stellar cast in a compelling new adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's much-loved novel Jane Eyre. Orphaned at a young age, Jane is placed in the care of her wealthy aunt Mrs Reed, who neglects her in favour of her own three spoiled children. Jane is branded a liar, and Mrs Reed sends her to the grim and joyless Lowood School where she stays until she is 19. Determined to make the best of her life, Jane takes a position as a governess at Thornfield Hall, the home of the alluring and unpredictable Edward Rochester. It is here that Jane's journey into the world, and as a woman, begins. Writer Sandy Welch (North And South, Magnificent Seven), producer Diederick Santer (Shakespeare Retold – Much Ado About Nothing) and director Susanna White (Bleak House) join forces to bring this ever-popular tale of passion, colour, madness and gothic horror to BBC ONE.


mysticgypsy said...

Is this the UK Region DVD? Or the US one as well?

ChrisV said...

Thanks for the tip...I was hoping that they would shoot for a Christmas release :^D

Brontëana said...

to mysticgypsy:

It's the UK DVD. No news on the region 1 edition- yet.

Brontëana said...

to chrisv:

When I interviewed the producer he said he was planning on including a lot of extras, so a long wait sounds good to me! Among other things, he suggested commentaries and interviews (although nothing has been confirmed yet- these were only planned the last I heard of it).

ChrisV said...

That's what I told myself....the longer the wait, the more goodies on the DVDs -- so good to hear that confirmed!