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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Romanian Jane Eyre (Valeria Seciu and Victor Rebengiuc)

Especially for Liantasse and the other Romanian readers too shy to speak up in my previous post. I was mistaken, this is not an audiobook but a radio adaptation of some kind starring Valeria Seciu as Jane Eyre and Victor Rebengiuc as Mr Rochester. My information does not include the date of the production, nor any other details about the production. A note sent along with it- an annonymous note!- informs me that the production begins when Jane arrives at Thornfield and that there are some changes, although it includes almost all of the dialogue between Jane and Rochester. So, this is one of those adaptations focussing largely on their relationship. The note-writer also describes Valeria's performance as being in the style of Joan Fontaine while Victor is described as a great narrator and storyteller without wickedness or 'minxiness.' (Clearly the note-writer has been talking to my friends... We (at the League of the Extraordinarily Rochester Obsessed) have identified the minxy-Rochester as a type among adaptations of the character.

(ex. James Barbour. When I first saw a recording of the musical I had to laugh because it decidedly looked like Rochester had used his horse as a diversion so he could pounce on unsuspecting governesses in icy lanes, and then he proceeds to lounge seductively on a rock, while rubbing his chest. He rubs his chest a lot, actually... And during the proposal scene he does this hair-nuzzling thing. But you don't want to hear about that... Oh, and there's the flirting thing he does when he's impersonating Celine Varens too...).

I believe the productions runs to about an hour and a half. Enjoy!

Jane Eyre Romanian Radio Adaptation.


mysticgypsy said...

Is that a picture of the actor who played Rochester? I wonder if he was that old when he did..

Brontëana said...

I really cannot say when it was made, but yes that is the actor. I imagine he was younger but for audio adaptations you can get away with changing the ages sometimes...

I think his voice is really nice. Very deep and rich. I can't understand a word besides 'Jane E-yer.'

Liantasse said...

Wow, Brontëana!!! :) I've only just seen this: thank you so very much!! Valeria Seciu and Victor Rebengiuc are two of our finest actors, they are simply wonderful! I'm so looking forward to listening: I'll be back here with my impressions.
Many thanks again for this special gift!