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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Selections from Jane Eyre 1957

First, I have a word or two to say about comments and email. I am still far behind in replying to everyone. I have no idea when I will not be rushed off of my feet, so please be patient.

And now, these are two of the most memorable scenes (aside from the first 'interview') from Jane Eyre 1957. Thisbeciel had already posted the first scene- Mason's attack. The other clip is from the proposal scene and the farewell scene. Naturally, I find both of these clips amusing. The second clip is especially silly, although it mixes the silliness with the disturbing.


Kathleen Bolton said...

Jeeze, you could braid the hair on those sideburns.

Anonymous said...

Must say - the more of the previous adaptations I see, the more I love the new one!


anitadc said...

The music and production values remind me of the old vampire t.v. series "Dark Shadows."

anitadc said...

Having watched the clip again, I wonder how Bertha manages to burn down Thornfield when she is chained to the bed. And I had to laugh at how unhelpful Grace Poole is - she just sits there while Rochester is all but mauled by Bertha.